OnlineVet direct to your pet 

Meet Belfast's Online Vet

Phone consults are perfect for many pets' needs. And they're convenient for you!
Some of the most popular reasons are:
- Repeat medicine checks in stable and otherwise healthy pets
- Fearful and anxious pets
- Difficulty transporting pets
- Check-ups after surgery or illnesses
- Demonstrating behaviour in natural setting
- Trouble-shooting pet problems in the home
- Triaging whether a problem needs a hands-on vet visit


Ideal for Anxious Pets

Some conditions may actually be assessed and treated better by a phone consult than a hands-on consult, in others a hands-on consult is unlikely to affect the initial advice given or initial treatment recommended:
- Patients who are not handlable out of their home due to aggression and fear
- Itchy cats, cats with bald bits, cats licking themselves a lot, known flea problems in dogs and cats
- Young female cats with urine problems (blood in urine, urinating around house, spending lot of time in litter tray etc.), where stress may be the cause and seeing the layout of your home may help fix the problem without adding further to your cat's stress getting into a cat carrier!
- Diarrhoea in a patient eating and drinking normally without vomiting or losing weight
- Many instances of new or recurrent limping or lameness
- Immunocompromised patients
- Other concerns where prescription of new medicines is unlikely and initial advice may not depend on a hands-on examination